Answer 42

Our Brand Philosophy:

After searching for a name for our new brand, which will produce avant-garde food products, we stopped at Answer 42. Douglas Adams "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" is becoming more and more relevant in this accelerating world, and it makes us want to exclaim Don’t Panic! We are not going to speculate about all the theories about the number 42. We love them all, but as Douglas Adams said it was just a joke - a random number.

Answer 42 Brand by Glutenull


Philosophy of the Brand Name

So why 42? The ultimate question of humans still stands: What is the universe and the meaning of life? The Answer we believe, is found in ourselves.

Our friend Socrates thought so too...

Plato: Socrates' conversation with Meno

In Meno a Socratic dialogue by Plato, Socrates proves to Meno that "all learning is recollection”. That the answers are already within us. To prove this Socrates calls over an enslaved boy with no prior education in front of Meno. He asks a geometric question, to double the area of a square. The boy makes a good guess, but his answer at first is incorrect. Socrates then guides him to the correct answer by asking him the correct questions.
According to Socrates the boy’s ability to reach the truth, is due to the fact that it was already within him. Socrates simply had to ask him the RIGHT questions.

The Search Continues

We believe the aspiration to find the Answers and reach this truth is the path to goodness. The achievement is the harmonisation of oneself and the world around.

Thus we have chosen Answer 42 as this symbol. The search is embodied in our brand and what we as a company strive to achieve. Every product is created with the intention to live in harmony with nature and to find the right answers.

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