Amaranth Bread

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Brown rice flour, organic sprouted amaranth, organic flax, organic pumpkin seeds, water, baking powder, psyllium, xanthan gum, citric acid, vinegar, arrowroot flour, sea salt.

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Healthy and tasty with all of those wonderful seeds! No wonder Amaranth bread is our best selling bread. Made with sprouted amaranth that’s great for gut health, it is nutritious, dense, moist, and flavourful. This bread offers a substantial chew and texture and is very good when toasted. Works well to slice then freeze and use as needed. Amaranth is a high-quality gluten free source of plant protein and is packed with iron and calcium, and its fiber content is triple as that of gluten. Slice thinly and toast for the tastiest results!

All of our artisan breads are gluten free, vegan and made with top quality, Non GMO ingredients. They are hearty, nutrient dense breads that we bake in small batches to ensure taste and quality.

Full case = 18, Half Case = 9, Small Case = 4 Units
Shelf Life: 14 days ambient, 6 months in Freezer (We recommend slicing it and putting parchment paper in between before freezing it.)

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