Aquafaba – Vegan Egg Substitute

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Boiled Chickpea Water.

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No Eggs Required!

Answer 42 Aquafaba (also known as chickpea broth, chickpea water, chickpea juice, chickpea liquid, or chickpea brine) is a whippable vegan egg white substitute made purely from boiled chickpea water. It’s all chickpea. No chicks!

Perfect for vegan baking, simply whip and whisk it, just like an egg, and use it in your favorite recipes!

Use Answer 42 Aquafaba to make:

– cakes
– brownies
– dressings
– muffins
– meringues
– cookies
– biscuits
– mayonnaise
– desserts, and so much more!

Answer 42 Aquafaba is 100% plant-based, gluten-free, and non-gmo. Each can is equivalent to 16 eggs. And once open, any leftovers can easily be frozen again and then defrosted as necessary.

Eliminate your need for eggs with Answer 42 Aquafaba!


Ingredients: chickpea broth

Storage: freeze leftovers in ice cube trays after opening

1 Can = 355 ml

1 Case = 16 Units of 355ml Cans