Quinoa Bread



Brown rice flour, organic sprouted quinoa seeds, organic quinoa flour, corn starch, baking powder (aluminium free), xanthan gum, sea salt.

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Quinoa bread is an exceptionally unique soft and chewy loaf. It is a high-quality gluten-free bread that contains only natural ingredients. It is dense, helps to soothe if you have a sensitive stomach, is not sweet, and is very satisfying. Has 14 days ambient shelf life and 3 months in a freezer. In addition, we recommend to slice it and put parchment paper in between before freezing it. Quinoa bread is good when toasted as well as for an openfaced sandwiches.

All our artisan bread are gluten free, vegan and made with top quality, Non GMO ingredients. They are hearty, nutrient dense breads that we bake in small batches to ensure taste and quality.