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Glutenull is a family business and a community of like-minded people, run by the Golden Rule of ‘What you do not wish upon yourself, extend not to others’. Our products contain the finest Non-GMO ingredients and what we sell to our customers, is also on the kitchen table of our families and friends.

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For all orders of $100 or more that do not contain bread or buns.

We are 100% Gluten Free

Glutenull Bakery is a dedicated Gluten Free certified facility.


We run by the Golden Rule of ‘What you do not wish upon yourself, extend not to others’.

Non-GMO Verified

We source only from trusted growers. Our business is Non-GMO verified, helping preserve our environment.


Try our best-selling Buckwheat Bread or indulge in our other guilt-free breads. Taste the difference in our award-winning Vegan, Raw, Yeast and Gluten Free products.

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Energy Bars

An entire pack of Paleo bars made with raw ingredients. Perfect for breakfast on the go or a healthy treat. Explore a world of flavors such as Coco D’Lish or Chia Goji.

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Now with low-carb Keto-friendly options available. Guilt-free indulgence, truly delicious treats that we guarantee will cure your sweet tooth.

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This granola is oat free and keto friendly packed full of all the things you love; toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds, roasted almonds.

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Customers Reviews

I know sometimes companies only get emails when things go wrong so i wanted to email you and say, Your amaranth bread is amazing. It’s the first gluten free bread I actually crave!

Anna-Lisa G

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I’ve tried your cookies and I have to say thank you and they were so good. It was like a piece off heaven eating them. When I have been gluten free and soy free so long.

Lory C


Nikki Korek

As a Holistic Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach, I’m always looking for ways to help my clients enjoy eating healthy while best supporting their bodies & goals. Many of the women I work with have food sensitivities/intolerances, vegan or are required to avoid certain foods due to health concerns being addressed, which is why I was so thrilled to have come across GluteNull! Their high quality clean ingredients, gluten free and vegan products and delicious variety have made it easy for my clients (& myself) to enjoy foods like bread, cookies, & granola, while still feeling good & support our bodies

Nikki Korek

Holistic Nutrition & Fitness /

Erin Lamb

I can't say enough good things about your bread! I will forever be glad I found GluteNull bread! Not only do I love it for myself, but I had been looking for EVER trying to find a bread that would be okay to recommend to my clients working through an elimination diet. It's hard to cut out bread completely, and GluteNull came to the rescue! My favourite breads are the amaranth + buckwheat. They make my tummy feel great and my clients love it! instagram

Erin Lamb

Food Allergy Coach /

The Celiac Scene

As a celiac, I have been enjoying GluteNull’s products since they became available in 2011. Their artisan gluten-free breads, made with alternative, nutritious buckwheat, amaranth & quinoa flours - are rich in flavor and made with healthier, slow-acting enzymes i.e. better for my digestion! Over the years they have listened to consumers and worked hard to provide us with delicious vegan, keto-friendly, diabetic-friendly and even raw baking - always 100% gluten free. Everything they do is done with integrity and only the freshest, quality ingredients. GluteNull brings its high standards to everything they make from bread, cookies, bars and granola by certifying their products with third parties for non-gmo, organic and gluten free. I am a dedicated fan of this tight-knit, family-owned company. I look forward to their ongoing leadership in doing their very best for their customers!

Ellen Bayens

Guides for the Gluten Free /

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